Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weekend Events

I've realized that my blog is rather boring in the visual sense. I very rarely post pictures. I think it's because I'm too lazy.

Hey, at least I'm honest!

Hopefully once we find the charging cord for the camera, I can upload the cheesy pictures from our 3rd anniversary. Really, the only pictures we took were of our cake. Not that exciting.

But to start off the recap of events, Sunday morning Earl and I headed out to Arizona. We were on the road by about 9am. It was pretty windy and so we unfortunately did not make it there on 1 tank of gas. :( But we eventually made it there and had dinner with Adam and Cathie, Earl's brother and sister-in-law. And dinner was A-MA-ZING! Cathie made these super yummy chicken pockets and I can only guess at the recipe. I asked for the recipe, and am quietly waiting for it. It was amazingly delicious. I think I ate 4 of them.

Monday morning dawned clear and breezy. I got ready for my interview and was trying to not be too nervous. So I was being good and putting my nylons on. I wasn't looking forward to it, for I HATE wearing pantyhose. I had even bought a pair just for this interview. And wouldn't you know it, straight out of the box, brand-spanking new, these suckers had a hole and a run!

I had to make an emergency run to Walgreen's to get a new pair and of course I didn't have time to go back home to put them on, but head straight to the department and hope for a public bathroom.

Which there was, thank goodness. Have you ever tried to put on pantyhose standing up in a bathroom? It's difficult. And awkward.

But the interview went well. Really well. I can only think of a couple of things I could've said to improve my answers, but the ladies running the interview were really great. I even got them to laugh an chuckle a few times. I gave examples that they were even able to relate to personally, so that was good.

I found out that I am one of 6 people who interviewed for 4 spots. Huge boost to me! They liked me, even though I'm out of state! Their words were that I was a "top contender" for the position!

So while I was on my emotional high after the interview, Earl and I went to look at apartments. We looked at 3, and I think we found our future "maybe" home. It's in a complex called Sonoma Landing in Gilbert, AZ. It's only about a 15-20 minute drive to the department (we drove it, just to check). It is a one bedroom, one bathroom with 899 sq ft. It has an open kitchen, full-size W/D, dishwasher, built-in desk area in the living room, bar section by the sink (love it!), bay window in the dining area, separate entrances to both the bathroom and bedroom. And a walk-in closet. And an oval garden tub.

And did I say that I'm in love?

There was also a mild dust storm while we were there. That was interesting. Not a whole lot going on, just low visibility.

Earl and I went to IKEA for our anniversary dinner. Cheap and simple. I wish I could say the food was good.  It was pretty disgusting. Which was disappointing since we'd eaten at IKEA before and it was good. Many times. But we had fun walking around with Adam and Cathie too. We ended the night with our cake, even blew out 3 candles. Earl thinks I'm silly for wanting candles. I say it's fun! We went to bed right on time, me with the help of a sleep aid and sudafed.

We got up and were on the road by 8. We stopped at the Desert Hills Outlets and walked around a bit. It was in the 40's and windy, so I was freezing! Even Earl said he was chilly. We didn't find anything to buy. Probably a good thing! We made it home by about 1430, and just kinda vegged out the rest of the afternoon. Earl worked on homework, I did some laundry and made macaroni and cheese for dinner. High class baby, high class!

All in all, it was a successful trip. We had fun, accomplished what needed to be done, and hung out with family.

And that, my friends, is how an "old married couple" celebrates an anniversary!


Samantha R said...

Happy Anniversary! I was looking through Blake's 1st year photo book last week and saw pics from your wedding day - what a neat day! So glad I could be there!

So exciting about the job interview- glad it went well!

Cathie said...

I tell you, there is no recipe! I explained it right then! Two cans Costco chicken, a block of cream cheese, two tubes refrigerator crescent rolls. Mix, fill, roll. If you're feeling special, dip in butter and seasoned bread crumbs. Bake per package directions.