Monday, January 30, 2012

Something Has Changed

And I don't know what.

I'm happy today. I've been relatively happy since Friday. And this includes while I'm at work.


I'm not sure what has made the difference. I had a bit of a breakdown last week. Maybe when I released all that negative energy and feelings it was like a cleanse of some sort. Who knows. But I'm feeling good.

I am still having nagging headaches, like every day. And no amount of Tylenol will completely take away the pain. But these aren't migraines, so I don't feel like I need to go super hardcore on meds. So instead I make sure to eat as often as possible and to take the Tylenol regularly.

I am trying to not let the work stress get to me. Although there was a moment yesterday when I was experiencing some serious tension. And the headache that came with it was painful, still not a migraine, but just downright annoying. So I went to bed propped up on pillows. And slept the whole night.

And today I'm sleepy. I want more sleep. But I am at work and don't get to take a nap. Oh how I wish I could. Guess that means I'll sleep well tonight!

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